space shaper, place maker, policy advisor

Hello and welcome!

This website was born from one of my most burning passions, to make better places for people in the 21st century city. I am fascinated by the multiple ways in which cities manage to restructure and sometimes reinvent themselves, harnessing their creative energies to become more liveable, equal and higher quality environments. In such an uncertain world, an unprecedented fast and far reaching urbanisation is shifting entire socio-cultural, georgraphical and political landscapes. Through my work I hope to help in our common effort of living better lives in our contemporary cities.
As a scientist, I focus particularly on issues related to urban public space, post-industrial urban regeneration, actors and networks that influence the built environment and urban policy. My emerging interests refer to urban innovation, particularly in relation to digital and sustainable urbanism, through integrating different strands of work on public space, real estate development, universities and campus redevelopment. Since January 2013 until January 2017, I worked at the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre, University of Glasgow, dedicated to improving the cities of Scotland through meaningful knowledge exchange between the academic community and policy makers. Apart from Scotland, I also worked in Finland and Estonia, teaching, undertakin research, and working with policy makers. I am currently Lecturer in Planning and Urbanism at SAPL, Newcastle University. I am always open to start new conversations and collaborations with likeminded peers so get in touch!