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Inclusive Prosperity in Scotland's Cities and City Regions
This research is another collaboration with Donald Houston, and draws on a series of workshops led by the Scottish Cities Knowledge Centre in Spring 2016. The workshops involved around 80 participants from a range of organisations, mainly in the public and third sectors involved with economic development, urban regeneration or community development, as well as a number of academic commentators from the university sector. The following key questions were debated in each workshop: 

  • What do we want to ‘grow’ in Scotland and why?
  • How can ‘inclusive prosperity’ be measured? 
  • What needs to change to achieve an inclusive, prosperous Scotland in 50 years time?
  • How can that change be delivered and who needs to be involved?

At the moment, we are poreparing a report to be launched at thr beginning of 2017 and an academic paper, where we reflect on the key challenges and opportunities of developping an 'inclusive growth' agenda in Scotland,

Seo far, a central theme seems to be that in order to have a future prosperous and inclusive Scotland, the priority should be the delivery of high quality of life to all, understood in terms of good health and education & training, a high-quality built environment that fosters creativity and good access to high-quality jobs, embedded in well designed, liveable and vibrant places, connected by well-working infrastructure.