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WHOLE - A comprehensive resource efficiency model of urban structure
WHOLE - Kaupunkirakenteen Kokonaisvaltainen Resurssitehokkuusmalli

WHOLE is a research project lead by the Technical University of Tampere, located in Tampere, Finland. 

The objective of  the project is to produce a model of the resource effectiveness of the urban structure that is internationally comparable and is adapted to Finland.

The study is funded for the years 2015 and 2016 by the Finnish Government. The network partners of the project are the University of Cambridge/CEDAR and the University of Glasgow.
The project consists of the following parts:

  • Part 1: Conceptualising resource efficiency and           analysing the various international methodologies of measuring it.
  • Part 2: Case studies of advancing sustainable development in land use in Finland
  • Part 3: Development of an evaluation methodology applicable to dustainable land development in Finland
  • Part 4: Plan of action to support policy creation and decision making.